To print grocery, household and beauty coupons, use the following secure links:

I started buying the newspaper and printing coupons in 2009 and I have saved an average of $350 a month on groceries by planning my shopping trip and matching coupons to sales (and trying not to forget to take them to the store, of course!). And I’d like for more people to start doing the same. (Read more about me, here)

So I have installed a coupon search engine in Ahorros para Mamá (Savings for Mom) called BuscaCupón.  Click there, and you’ll be able to search through thousands of coupons, printable and newspaper coupons, to help you with your shopping trip.

I invite you to visit blogs and learn to use coupons.  They can save you a LOT of money and it’s something you can do while you do other things, like:

  • Watching TV
  • Knitting
  • Chatting on the phone with a friend

A few of my favorite savings blogs are:

There are even coupon codes you can use on your online purchases to save! has the best database.

Enjoy the savings!

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